Boston Skyline, Internet Bust

elizadushku_conan_small.jpgEliza Dushku knows something we’ve known all along: The Best Girls Root for Boston. Bostonist missed it when we decided to catch some shut-eye instead of staying up to watch Conan on Tuesday, but the Internet didn’t miss a thing. Dushku is originally from Watertown (but claims Boston in her bio, we don’t fault her), and showed Conan that she still has love for the hometown team. She ported two pieces of Homegirls apparel including a “Sox Love” zipper hoodie and the “Best Girls…” tank top. Bostonist will admit, we haven’t followed Eliza’s career. We were never a fan of Buffy, Angel, or Tru Calling, don’t watch the Teen Choice Awards, but we do seem to remember her in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a couple of years ago. Her career has included TV and film, lots of appearances on the late night talk show circuit. We googled her and, well, lets just say she’s featured on some sites that are just a bit nsfw. The Interneterai really like them some boobies. Our favorite site declaration came from HollywoodTuna “I mean if Eliza Dushku or any hot girl was wearing a shirt with the logo ‘The Best Girls Root For Jesus’ across their breasts, I’d be a born again Christian.” We wonder if “Jeeter Sucks” has a different meaning when Eliza wears it.


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